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#1 online flower delivery in UAE

Abu Dhabi has from a long time been a melting pot of civilizations and is home to people from all nationalities. Not only does it have a varied and diverse ethnic local population but also people from all over the world have made it their home. The work culture, the high level of ethical standards and the vibrant corporate culture makes it one of the best places in the world to work in.

The reason the above point is made is although the mode of greeting differs from one country to another from Assallam Wallekum to Namaste to Hello and so on and so forth the one common binding factors that cuts across all nationalities is the use of flowers.

Flowers are used by people of all nationalities, from every walk of life in all their day to day routine. From their daily places of worship to corporate flower arrangements to increase productivity, to weddings, to various occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentines day etc flowers are the common factor binding people from all nationalities.

Anniversary Flowers Online Delivery Abu Dhabi

Be it people from north and south America who use it in various functions from marriages to festivals like Christmas or people from middle east who use it decorate on occasions of Ramadan or celebrate occasions like say mother’s day or father’s day or New year celebration, flowers are used by people from all walks of life.

Birthday Flowers Online Delivery Abu Dhabi

Also, the strategic location of Abudhabi, which is the gateway to Europe and Africa, allows for large scale of import of flowers from India and Thailand. The wide varieties of flowers available in Abu Dhabi are Roses of various colours hues and shapes, we have tulips, hydrangeas, we have orchids, Lillies and Chrysanthemum in various, shapes, colours and sizes. The vast size of the flower market would merit that the flowers can be imported from nearby countries say India and Thailand without the fear of it being spoiled.

Choice Flowers offers various flowers for the various season. For example, we know that orchids are tropical flowers and grow only during summers. They come in various hues and shades like purple red and pink amongst others). Choice Flowers offers Roses in different colors in and in different combinations. Here different combinations mean with other such products like cakes, or gifts like teddy bears etc.

Cake Delivery Online Abu Dhabi

Cake Delivery Online Abu Dhabi

Choice flowers also offer Carnations which are normally grown in the month of February to late April which is spring season in Abu Dhabi. Carnations come in various colours such as pink, white, yellow and blue. Similarly, Choice flowers also offer hydrangea and Tulips. The best season to grow Hydrangea is winter and it comes in white, blue and pink. Tulips normally come in 25 different colours and are imported from Holland. Red tulips are normally associated with True love and Purple tulips are associated with Royalty.

The best part of these flowers is that though they are seasonal Choice Flowers offers them throughout the year.

As said earlier Choice flowers not only offers different types of flowers but also as a theme offers gift cards, gourmet gifts, balloons, cakes and various other gifts as a combo along with flowers.

Balloons Online Delivery Abu Dhabi

Sticking to flowers Choice flowers also offers options of Bouquets. Under Bouquets we have flower arrangements, glass vase arrangements, flower Bouquets and Large size flowers. Under flower arrangements, there are different combinations of flowers offered in bouquets in different types of vases and baskets. The vases maybe also in glass. We have a mix of different types of colours shapes and sizes. There is also a different arrangement for large size flowers. So as you can see the choice is extremely varied and unique which makes it stand out from other flower shops.

Regarding the price, its full value for money, extremely competitive with respect to other flower boutiques and very reasonably priced.

So please do place your valuable order at
We have one head office and 3 branches all over Abu Dhabi located strategically.Our contact nos are +971 55 1667 22/2 621 5570. So please do hurry up!!

Handpicked with Love

Each flower is picked to represent the message you want to send across. We strive to give you the finest farm fresh flowers that will transcend the message

Hand crafted with love

Our expert florists has customized each arrangement to splendor . It may be our expertised hands, but it is your imagination, love and care that gets crafted into the arrangements!

Hand delivered with Love

We value the sentiment with which you are sending across the flowers hence we always go an extra mile to make sure the flowers are delivered on time and with extra care and love!


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