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7 Best Premium Flower Arrangement Gifts for Valentine’s Day 2020

Premium Flowers Abu Dhabi online - Fleurs De Choix

This blog is about the premium segment of our website Fleurs de Choix. It contains flowers which are premium in range. So with Valentine’s day coming up, we thought what can be a better offering to you, the readers, than reviewing the seven topmost flower arrangements from our stable.

Choice flowers are one of the leading flower shops in the whole of Abu Dhabi with 3 branches and with 20000+ satisfied customers. So with Valentine’s day fast approaching, no amount spend on your loved one is less. So today we are going to review some of the flower arrangements from the premium segment of our website, which might be just right for Valentine’s day.

patchi flower arrangement

1) Patchi-Flower-Arrangement: This is an eclectic combination of Patchi and flowers. For those who are not aware, Patchi is one of the best chocolates one can have. Its ingredients consist of roasted nuts, Glandiya and orange peels. It comes in 5 exotic flavours. This unique combination of lisianthus flowers and Patchi chocolate is beautifully decorated in a Fleurs de Choix branded vase. This vase comes in two colours chocolate and white. It is priced at 203$ and our super easy checkout interface facilitates a smooth purchase. As they say, no price is less for your partner who is priceless. So surprise your lover with this value for money combination of Patchi and lisianthus flower this valentine.

Luxurious Delight

2) Luxurious Delight: Yet another premium flower combination of pink rose, chrysanthemum and orchids. The flowers can be arranged according to the requirement of the buyer and the availability of flowers. The vases are available in chocolate and white colours and the arrangement is customizable as per the requirement of the buyers. The colours and the flower arrangement required can be mentioned in the instructions field of the checkout. Comes in one variant and reasonably priced at 162 USD.


Lovely Present

3) Lovely Present: So sometimes it is not always about the money. Sometimes little things also matter in life. The sentiments, the emotions behind giving the present. So we suggest another recommendation for you Lovely Present. It is an extremely understated flower arrangement from Fleurs de Choix. This flower arrangement consists of beautiful Lillies, Chrysanthemum greens and Eucalyptus. The pricing is reasonable and priced at 89$. Valentines need not necessarily mean your wife or girlfriend or your partner. It could also mean your friend, or someone close to you says your relative or your teacher. So this flower arrangement is highly recommended for such a kind of valentine. This flower arrangement comes in two variants Shown and premium. So please do gift this to your near and dear ones and make your valentines day a memorable one.

Mixed Yellow and Red Roses Arrangement

4)Mixed Yellow and Red Roses: This is mostly rose flower arrangement and combination. It consists of yellow roses, red baby roses, hypericum eucalyptus and solid aster. One of the flower arrangement from the stables of premium segment priced at 135 USD comes in two variants shown and premium. The colour of the flowers can be customized as per the requirement of the buyer. The vase is a rectangular Flowers de Choix branded box that comes in black colour. An ideal finish to a super combination.

Mixed Flowers Vase Arrangement

5) Mixed flower vase arrangement: Mixed flower vase is a flower arrangement consisting of orange and peach colour roses, Gerbera, orchids, Eucalyptus and Asparagus. A mixed bag to say, it is available in two variants shown and premium. Reasonably priced at 103$ with a curvy vase. The vase comes in two colours Red and Chocolate. The colour of the vase required needs to be mentioned in the instruction fields. Since we are reviewing the premium segment this one is also from the stables of Fleurs de Choix.

Timeless Beauty

6) Timeless Beauty: A premium flower arrangement consisting of lily and Lisianthus from the premium segment of the leading florists from UAE. This flower arrangement is in a square vase coming in three colours black, chocolate and white. It is available in two variants shown and premium and priced reasonably. An ideal valentines day gift and a strong recommendation from Choice Flowers.

Perfect Gift

7) Perfect gift: Flower arrangement consists of Celusia, Allium, Bullet, oriental, Lily, Cala Lily, Asparagus and salix stick. These arrangements are in white, Slim long vase with two colours made available Red and Chocolate. The colour of the vase needs to be mentioned in the instruction field. Priced reasonably and is full value for money.

So these were our recommendations to make your valentines day with your special one a memorable one. Hope you do have a good time. Will be back seeing you then!!

Handpicked with Love

Each flower is picked to represent the message you want to send across. We strive to give you the finest farm fresh flowers that will transcend the message

Hand crafted with love

Our expert florists has customized each arrangement to splendor . It may be our expertised hands, but it is your imagination, love and care that gets crafted into the arrangements!

Hand delivered with Love

We value the sentiment with which you are sending across the flowers hence we always go an extra mile to make sure the flowers are delivered on time and with extra care and love!


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