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5 Amazing and Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays with their deep significance as milestones of life, encouraging the individuals to pause and take stock of all that they have accomplished and where they are heading, can leave your friends and family quite vulnerable. A birthday gift that reminds them of the love, affection and respect they have earned, and how indispensable they are to several of their dear ones, can give them the vigour and courage required to face their life ahead. Unsurprisingly, a lot of thought and attention should be given to the choice of the ideal birthday gift. While anybody can book an online flower delivery or order a birthday cake online, choosing a unique gift can make the difference between, “Oh, somebody remembers me” and “Wow! I’ve impacted lives!”

A unique and impressive gift does not necessarily mean spending hours making a cake from scratch. More than ever, the cliche, “it’s the thought that counts” applies here. This is by no way an excuse to be lazy and callous. With your irreplaceable personal knowledge of the individual celebrating birthday and the emotions accompanying the unique nature of your relationship with the person, Choice Flowers can help you create a customized gift which will be packaged and delivered safely and on time, with the least efforts from you. Your schedule may not allow you to bake at home and travel to your loved one. But Choice Flowers will make the experience just as good for your friend or family, helping them feel your presence and love on the special occasion.

Essentially, yes, you will be ordering birthday gifts online. The efforts required from you will be as little as that, while the results will be much more. Choice Flowers not only lets you choose the flavour and contents of the cakes you order, you can even suggest designs and themes to suit your special relationship or the distinct qualities of your loved one. This possibility will give rise to a cake like no other, with a special meaning to the recepient. You will have the power to make the recepient laugh out loud, tear up or be awestruck, by giving your ideas to our expert bakers. Choice Flowers will make your imaginations real.

Another option is customised cookies. This is a great choice when you do not want to send easily perishable gifts to somebody. As with the cakes, you can suggest the theme of the cookies. You can choose from a wide range of cookies, depending on the interests and dietary choices of the recipient. The cookies will be beautifully packed and you can even include a personal note! Choice Flowers guarantees a courteous and friendly delivery.

Gifting a live indoor plant says a lot more than “I remember you” or “you are important to me”. It shows your faith in the nourishing nature of the recipient. It is the best gift to present to somebody who adores nature as unlike flowers and bouquets, this does not involve cutting off the gift from a live plant and it withering in a few days. With the health benefits of living in a plant-rich environment, you will be helping your loved one live a happy, long life, while most people are content to just make a wish.

While flowers and bouquets are not very unique gifts, not many businesses offer flower arrangements in glass vases. Even after the flowers have died out, the recipient can replenish the crystal vase with fresh flowers, probably offering a pleasant, colourful change to their previous lifestyle. You can also add personal elements to the gift through the choice of flowers and arrangements. And we have such an amazing flower delivery reviews from different medias.

Pink flower bouquet

The power of words to move hearts and change lives is unquestionable. It is also widely accepted that an image can be worth a thousand words. Imagine the impact if you can add both of these to the birthday gift you present! This is exactly the choice you have when you decide to send your loved one a personalised birthday card. You can personalise the card as much or as little as you wish with the assistance of our art team. Personalised cards from Choice Flowers can tell the thought and care you put into the gift like no card from retail shops.

Handpicked with Love

Each flower is picked to represent the message you want to send across. We strive to give you the finest farm fresh flowers that will transcend the message

Hand crafted with love

Our expert florists has customized each arrangement to splendor . It may be our expertised hands, but it is your imagination, love and care that gets crafted into the arrangements!

Hand delivered with Love

We value the sentiment with which you are sending across the flowers hence we always go an extra mile to make sure the flowers are delivered on time and with extra care and love!


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