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Best Gerbera Flower Arrangements for Special Occasions


Gerbera daisy also is known as the African Daisy originated in South Africa. They are also known as Gerber or Transval. They are more predominantly cultivated in the Netherlands or Columbia. Choice flowers are one of the well-known suppliers of Gerbera all over UAE. They are available in different colours, hues, shapes, and sizes. They rank among the top 5 flowers in the world and only behind roses, carnations, and tulips. They are like the sunflowers and chase the sun from east to west. They have a long vase life and are well suited for containers and pots. Choice Flowers are one of the main suppliers of Gerbera offers them under five different combinations with other flowers. Birthday Wishes, Princess, Spring Delight, Sunshine, Surprise claret and White stains. All are very reasonably priced and under the 100$ mark.The easy online interface of choice flowers enables an easy checkout.

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Flowers are given on certain special and specific occasions. The occasions vary from a different country to country and culture to culture. In general, every country celebrates these occasions Valentine’s day, mothers day, anniversaries, birthdays, festivals like Christmas, Easter, Ramadan etc. One can choose Gerbera as a dining table arrangement or one can use it as a dining table arrangement or maybe just use it gift our loved ones on birthdays anniversaries and such occasions. Gerbera flowers signify innocence, cheerfulness, purity, and joy. So each colour has a particular attribute. For example, orange gerbera means sunshine of life, Red means immersed in love, and white is a symbol of purity and innocence. Pink symbolizes high esteem and yellow is a symbol of cheerfulness. One of the main functions of the Gerbera is that they are useful in keeping the room fresh and helps in supplying fresh oxygen thereby removing pollution. A bouquet of orange, yellow, red Gerberas would perk up the day of the recipient and bring immense joy and happiness to the recipient.

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The best way to utilize Gerbera daisies. The best way to utilize the Gerbera is to grow them as a household plant or grow them in the garden in your backyard. As mentioned in an earlier blog the spring season is spread from Feb- May and the summer is from May- Sept. So this would be the ideal time to grow Gerbera. From late spring to early summer it can be placed outdoors and then bought in indoor and placed in the cool shade.

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Sunlight: Gerberas thrive outdoors in the sun. The ideal temperatures for the Gerbera to fourish are between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and in winter between 40 degrees and 70 degrees F. They are sensitive to frost and excessive frost can damage it. Some of the characteristics of Gerbera are they spread and rebloom every year. The life span of Gerbera is maximum up to 3 years with proper care.


Cut Flower Care-: Cut flower is the process of the moving of flowers from the outdoors to the indoors by cutting them up properly in the stem. Picture this scenario the flowers are in full bloom. Everything is bright, fragrant and chirpy. All of a sudden there is a gust of wind or a flash storm and the entire flowers go hither thither. Cutting the flowers is the process of moving these flowers from the outdoor to the indoors in the vase. The number of flowers to be moved into a vase depends on the size of the vase. The best time to cut the flowers is in the morning. The flowers need to be instantly put in the flower vase filled with water. Coming back to Gerbera., they have to be cut when they are fully open. Choice flowers offer the widest varieties of cut flowers and utilize the most proper and correct way of cutting the flowers including Gerbera.

Choice flowers offer the widest variety of range, categories, colours, hues shapes and sizes of flowers both cut and uncut. Choice also offers a wide variety of Gerbera in terms of combinations.

So Choice flowers have three branches all over Abu Dhabi and our continuous research on flowers ensures that we come up with something different every time. Please do visit our website for all your requirements of flowers.

Handpicked with Love

Each flower is picked to represent the message you want to send across. We strive to give you the finest farm fresh flowers that will transcend the message

Hand crafted with love

Our expert florists has customized each arrangement to splendor . It may be our expertised hands, but it is your imagination, love and care that gets crafted into the arrangements!

Hand delivered with Love

We value the sentiment with which you are sending across the flowers hence we always go an extra mile to make sure the flowers are delivered on time and with extra care and love!


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