Floral Feasts: Incorporating Edible Flowers into Eid Desserts

Edible Flowers

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Eid is a time when families and communities come together to celebrate the conclusion of Ramadan. One great way to elevate your Eid sweets is by adding edible flowers. Not do they bring a touch of charm and attractiveness to your treats. edible flowers also introduce unique flavours and scents that can enhance your culinary masterpieces. Here are some suggestions for incorporating edible flowers into your Eid desserts;

Sweet Treats with Rose Petals; Roses are a symbol of beauty and affection making them an ideal choice for Eid desserts. You can incorporate rose petals into treats like water infused ice cream, rose flavoured macarons or delicate rosewater and pistachio cookies known as “Maamoul.”

Delicious Lavender Infusions; Lavender lends a floral hint and a soothing scent to desserts. Think about creating lavender infused shortbread cookies scented panna cotta or even a lavender honey cake to surprise your guests.

Tasty Hibiscus Creations; Hibiscus flowers bring forth a hue and a zesty flavour to desserts. Whip up hibiscus flavoured cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, hibiscus and raspberry sorbet or a revitalising hibiscus iced tea parfait, for a light and invigorating indulgence.

Soothing Chamomile inspired Delicacies; Chamomile flowers offer a flavour that 

compliments creamy desserts beautifully.Consider enhancing your custards or puddings with a touch of chamomile infused cream baking up some chamomile and lemon bars or infusing a sponge cake, with chamomile syrup for a flavour twist.

For an added appeal and fresh floral touch to your desserts try using flowers as decorative garnishes. Sprinkle pansies, violets, calendula or nasturtiums on your Eid cakes tarts or fruit salads for a presentation.

When incorporating flowers into your Eid treats make sure they are safe, for consumption and pesticide free. Use them sparingly to enhance the flavours without overpowering the taste buds. These flower inspired suggestions will help you create an Eid celebration that embraces nature’s beauty and the joy of coming.

Here are some suggestions and tricks, for incorporating flowers into your Eid sweets;

Rose Petals; Roses petals are a timeless option for desserts on special occasions like Eid. Fresh rose petals can be used to adorn cakes, cupcakes or puddings. To infuse desserts with a flavour you can steep dried rose petals in milk or cream before adding them to custards, ice creams or mousses.

Lavender; Adding lavender brings a scent and taste to desserts. Utilise dried buds to infuse syrups, creams or even cookie dough. Lavender pairs nicely with lemon so think about including it in lemon cakes tarts or shortbread cookies for Eid.

Violet; Violet flowers do not look stunning. Also offer a subtle floral taste. You can crystallise petals by brushing them with egg whites and coating them with sugar. These crystallised violets serve as embellishments for cakes, cookies or chocolates.

Chamomile; Chamomile blossoms provide a calming flavour that compliments desserts such as custards, panna cotta or fruit salads. Steep chamomile flowers in water to create a tea that can be used to flavour your treats or soak sponge cakes.

Hibiscus flowers bring a hue and a tangy fruity taste, to sweet treats. Incorporate hibiscus tea or syrup into sorbets, glazes or festive cocktails at Eid gatherings. Fresh hibiscus petals can also serve as accents.

Marigold; The petals of marigolds are edible. Can add a burst of colour to desserts. They offer a zesty flavour that compliments citrusy treats like orange cakes or lemon bars. Use marigold petals sparingly as they pack a punch in taste.

Elderflower; Elderflower boasts a citrusy essence that enhances desserts. Craft elderflower syrup by simmering elderflower blooms with sugar and water then utilise the syrup to infuse cakes, mousses or celebratory cocktails for Eid.

When incorporating flowers into desserts remember these guidelines;

Opt for pesticide edible flowers from trusted sources if uncertain about their origin.

Gently wash flowers and pat them dry before incorporating them into sweet creations.

Remove pistils, stamens and other inedible parts of the flowers, before using them for adornment or consumption.

Enhance the charm of your Eid desserts by adding flowers as decorative touches or garnishes ensuring they complement rather than overshadow the flavours. Consider your guests’ allergies or sensitivities, towards flowers. Communicate if edible flowers are incorporated in the desserts. Thoughtfully integrating flowers can result in exquisite and delectable Eid desserts that will surely impress your guests.

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