Origin of Valentine’s Day and Amazing facts on Valentine’s day

Origin of Valentine’s Day and Amazing facts on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day, a day commemorating lovers falls on February the 14th of every year. It has an interesting history. As per history, Valentine’s day has its origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia. The festival celebrated the coming of spring which included fertility rites.

The pope of the 5th Century then replaced the festival of spring with St Valentine’s day, which to date is celebrated with great pomp and gusto by couples of all ages.

Since gifts and combinations are done to death thought how about doing something different this year. So we thought about compiling

list of goofy facts and superstitions about St Valentine’s day.

a) If one was awoken by a kiss on Valentine’s Day it was considered lucky.

b) Did you know that the kind of animal or a bird a girl sees on this day predicts a future husband? Yes it’s true
Robin: Crimefighters
Goldfinch: millionaire
The flock of Doves: happy marriage
Bat: Cricketer
Blackbird: clergyman

c) If a person did think of a few names he had in mind, Let’s suppose he fancies a few women, let’s say around 4 or five. And then let’s suppose on valentines day he were to twist the stem of an apple thinking of the women’s name he fancied and the moment the stem broke the women’s name in mind at that point would be his spouse!!!! Funny isn’t it??!!


let’s check out some facts about cupid

a) Who is Cupid ?? Cupid is known as Eros the Roman God of beauty and love.
b) He holds a bow and a quiver filled with golden and leaden arrows.
c) He fires golden arrows at people to make them fall in love and lead arrows to make them fall out of love
d) Cupids myth is an old Greek myth and dates back to the 21st Century

Some fun facts about roses as a gift on Valentine

Valentines Day Special Gift - Choice Flowers

a) Did you know that Venus Roman goddess of love and beauty preferred roses? It is from such a long time that red roses have become a symbol of love
b) Some fun facts on the color of roses
Red roses symbolize love
Yellow roses symbolize jealousy
c) Did you know that the average shopper in the US spends around 100$ on roses for valentine’s day?
d) Did you know that ribbons that adorn bouquets date back to the middle ages and the sweethearts of Knights back then gave the knights ribbons for good luck?

Fun facts on Chocolates and Valentine’s day

a) More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates will be sold for Valentine’s day.
b) In Japan, the custom of women giving chocolates to men was started by Mary’s chocolates in 1958.
c) There are over 8 bn candy hearts produced each year for Valentine’s day
d) More than 50% of adults prefer chocolates to any other flavor e) A more practical benefit. Did you know that Dark chocolates reduce the risk of heart diseases?

Some interesting bit of trivia about greeting cards in Valentine’s day

Some interesting bit of trivia about greeting cards on Valentine’s day

a) Feb 14th is the second-largest card-giving day of the year just after Christmas. This year it’s expected that 1 billion cards will be exchanged around the world.
b) Teachers receive the most Valentine’s day card followed by kids, mothers, wives, and then girlfriends.

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