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The Crispy Wave Fern is a cultivar of the popular houseplant species Asplenium nidus. A beautifully bright green fern with characteristically sword-shaped, ruffled leaves give it the common name ‘Crispy Wave’. Or it also goes by “Bird’s Nest Fern” for the way the leaves radiate outward, leaving a leafy basin in the center.

Despite the fact that Asplenium nidus can grow fairly large, it’s actually an effective epiphyte. In its native Southeast Asian countries, you’ll often find it naturally growing in the forked branches of trees. Fun fact, the Crispy Wave Plant was rated highly by NASA for its air purification qualities – making it a very useful terrarium plant indeed.

Asplenium Crispy Wave Plant comes under the category of Indoor Plants. To Purchase the Asplenium Crispy Wave Plant you can email the details to us through the contact page, will contact you back as soon as we can.


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