Trim the stems
After having the delivery, Unwrap the bouquet carefully. Using sharp shears, cut the stems at an angle of 45-degree.We would recommend cutting the stems every couple of days for longevity and freshness.
Clean Water daily
One of the best ways to get involved with your flowers is to change their water daily with Fresh cold water. Also, it is important that you remove any dead leaves or foliage that fall into the water. This ensures that the water stays clean.
Use flower food
Drop the supplied flower food into the vessel as per the instructions on the packet. You can also make these products in your home. These help in maintaining the color, freshness, and longevity of the bouquet.
Keep in Indirect light
For better results, it is important that you place the vase away from direct sunlight. It just needs adequate sunlight to bloom. If you need the flowers to bloom fast, then add warm water to gently persuade the bloom.

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