Unique Flower Varieties for Mother’s Day

Unique Flower Varieties for Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Emirates Flowers Selection – honor moms with a unique bouquet. Traditional options like roses or lilies are great, but consider a different arrangement this year. Step outside the confines of tradition. Let the charm mothers day of these flowers captivate, enchant, and bring you joy.. Each bouquet at Choice Flowers UAE is a unique and elegant testament to your affection

Orchids; A symbol of grace

Orchids are known for being beautiful and elegant, symbolizing sophistication and grace. Our ‘Orchid Splendor’ arrangement features beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids for mothers day in a vase, creating a lasting impact with carefully selected, long-lasting flowers for a gift she will admire.

Peonies; Opulent elegance

You have reached a limit, please wait for some time.”Surprise Mom this Mother’s Day with our ‘Perfect Peony’ arrangement – dainty pink and creamy white blossoms exuding opulence and freshness. Hand-picked at peak bloom, these peonies will captivate her with joy and admiration.”

Sunflowers; Resilient

Infuse your Mothers Day festivities with the spirit of sunflowers, symbols of warmth, positivity and endurance. Our Sun Kissed Serenade bouquet, featuring sunflowers paired with greenery that radiate happiness and hopefulness, is perfect for adding cheer to any setting. This delightful gift is sure to light up your mother’s day face and uplift her with flowers spirits. Each sunflower is carefully chosen for its hue and sturdy stem to ensure beauty. Treat your mom this Mothers Day with a bunch of sunflowers while expressing how much she means to you and brings happiness into your life.

Anthurium; Contemporary Chic

Transport your mother on a journey to distant lands with the Protea flower originating from South Africa. Distinguished by its form and captivating colour, Protea evokes an air of intrigue and enchantment.

Our Tropical Treasures bouquet blends everlasting blooms, with greenery to craft an exotic arrangement that will whisk your mom away to a blissful paradise. Each Protea in the bouquet is handpicked for its charm and striking presence ensuring that your Mothers Day gift truly shines. Show your mother flower some love this year with a bunch of Protea blooms. Remind her just how rare and special she is, much like these flowers.

Anthurium; Contemporary Chic

Embrace sophistication with the chic allure of Anthurium. Our “Stylish Anthurium” boasts blossoms in red and crisp white hues, accented by glossy foliage for a modern touch. This stunning arrangement is ideal for fashion forward parents who have an eye for design and refined grace. We carefully choose each anthurium for its colors to make sure that your Mother’s Day gift exudes elegance and style.. Treat your mother to a display of blooms this year. Let her know flowers she exudes style and grace just like these beautiful mothers day flowers.

Bird of Paradise; Exotic Splendour

Transport your mother to paradise with the captivating allure of Bird of Paradise flowers. Resembling the plumage of avian creatures these blooms evoke sensations of excitement, liberation and exploration.

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Treat your mom to a Tropical Escape with Bird of Paradise flowers and lush greenery for an exotic paradise feel.

Each bloom is handpicked for vivid hues and unique shapes, capturing tropical beauty for your Mother’s Day gift. This year surprise your mom with a bouquet featuring these blooms. Let her know she deserves a slice of heaven on this special occasion.

Celebrate Mothers Day in style by exploring a variety of flowers that promise to elevate your festivities to levels. Choose a Mothers Day bouquet that reflects your mother’s unique spirit to show her how cherished and valued she is.

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