What flowers can you give this new year?

new year flowers

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2….1….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Every single one of us would be waiting for this countdown, symbolizing the end of a good or bad chapter of our life. There would be new year raves and parties where everyone gathers to shout and wish each other a happy new year. Everyone would reflect on the meaningful events of last year and evaluates the outcome of the past year. Importantly to rectify the past year’s mistakes, we take resolutions on this special day.

Various cultures celebrate different new years, each emphasizing fresh starts and new perspectives. Despite diverse traditions like fireworks and toasts, the core essence remains renewing energy for facing challenges.

From the Chinese to Georgian New Year, gift-giving is symbolic of wealth and health. Ancient Celts gifted mistletoe for romance, fertility, and vitality, dating back to traditional practices. Romans used to give branches from sacred trees symbolizing the roman goddess Sternia for luck. A bottle of champagne or wine is the ideal present in modern times. So gift wrapping a bottle of Champagne or wine with a colorful ribbon and cork opener will make it a complete gift. It became a tradition now to uncork a bottle of wine or champagne and wish everyone “Happy New Year”

But that’s one popular way and there are many other choices out there. One of the other popular choices sending flowers or a bouquet. The reason behind that is, the flowers have a special quality of sending messages. Each flower has the capability of sending an individual message. Choosing the right flower is tough as there are a lot of choices out there in nature. Here are a few beautiful choices that you can pick from:

Green Roses

Green roses are all about life, rebirth, and renewal. They also symbolize fertility and energizing spirit and peace. This type of rose is also very much unique and has a shade that evokes balance and stability which one hopes for at the start of the year. 


As per the Eygptian knowledge, Gerberas means closeness to nature and the sun. The celts also believed that these flowers can remove the sorrow of the person. These daisies come in different colors and each color represents different vibes. Yellow Gerberas symbolize cheerfulness and celebration. so beautifully arranging these flowers can send the right message to the person.


These native American flowers, known for turning towards the sun, not only bring a smile but also symbolize long life, vitality, and good luck. This charming quality is thanks to the myth of Clytie and Apollo, cherished worldwide.

Calla Lilies

Like Gerberas, these flowers also come in different colors and each of them tells different attributes like courage, admiration, etc. These flowers have deep-rooted history and huge popularity when it comes to wedding bouquets, as they mean marital bliss. So a selected arrangement of these flowers can be sent to Your friends or family member whose marriage is nearby.

Daffodil flower

These beautiful white flowers create the vibe of new beginnings and are therefore a perfect flower to give someone who has started some new venture in this New Year. These flowers can be used for official purposes like business relations. Even though this flower is associated with spring, these flowers are usually given in the new year.


These flowers have a unique feature in that this is one those plants that can survive in harsh conditions and grows in rocky areas. Despite that, the flowers bloom into pretty pink flowers. This represents the hope and strength that one needs to face the new year. Maybe the past year was filled with hardships and failures, But with the new year around the corner, we always manage to find the strength to face the unknown

Throughout history, many writers, including Shakespeare, have used flowers as metaphors in their works. While the meanings of flowers have evolved, understanding the specific message each flower conveys remains crucial for communicating sentiments to loved ones.

Therefore, we must spend some time researching the likes and dislikes of the person to whom we intend to give these flowers. We have to evaluate the situation and sent flowers as per the situation demands. Sometimes we have to make amends for the mistakes we may have made in the past year.Sending the right apologetic flower can mend bridges and start relationships or friendships. As the new year approaches, send dear ones flowers and a note for their new beginnings.

2023 is going to be a blank book. And the brush is going to be in our hands and it is our responsibility that paints a beautiful picture in it! Happy celebrating!

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