Best Flowers that Bloom in summer for your Home Garden

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Best Flowers that Bloom in summer for your Home Garden

A home garden has become essential for every modern house. It gives an adorable look to your house and keeps your surroundings clean, green, and fresh. When it comes to the home garden, a home garden is incomplete without beautiful seasonal flowers.

The summer season is long and hot; only a few flowers can resist heat. Flowers plants are soft and cannot stay long before the sun’s scorching heat. But it does not mean all flowers are the same; you have many ideas to grow the best Flowers that Bloom in summer for your Home Garden.

9 best flowers to grow in your home garden in summer

1.      Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum flowers are tiny but very nice looking. They are attractive but have the best property, making them perfect for growing in your garden during summer. Sweet Alyssum loves the sun; as much as they face the sun, they grow better and healthy.

Professional gardeners recommend these tiny flowers to grow for landscaping the garden edges. You can grow sweet alyssum in walkways. Its multiple colors, such as pink, purple, salmon, yellow, and white, give a very charming look to your home garden. Their fragrance is like honey.

2.      Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan is a famous flower that mostly grows in the welcoming sight of the gardens. This is a wildflower that is small but looks very beautiful. Its golden flower is attractive and hard that thrives in the sunshine.

No worry about blacked eyes, Susan, because they need less water and can survive for three to four days without water in the summer. You can also use these flowers in the bouquet.

3.      Canna

Canna is also a beautiful flower that can bloom in your garden for the entire summer. Its gorgeous leaves and striking flowers in bold color give a new life to your garden. It is a perfect flower to grow in the landscape or container.

You can even also plant them in the winter; they grow well when they contact the sun. Toucan coral and The president are popular varieties to grow in the summer.

4.      Lantana

Lantana can also be a great flower to grow in your home garden. It comes in various colors, including purple, pink, orange, red, and yellow. There is no need to do maintenance; you water them once or twice a week; they will remain in good condition.

They will bloom all the summer in your garden; these flowers are drought tolerant. Its tiny and thick flowers make your home garden charming. Because of its low maintenance feature is a perfect flower for your garden to plant in summer.

5.      Caladium

Caladium flowers are not just famous for their beautiful flowers, but it also has gorgeous leaves. It has pink and green heart-shaped leaves that look like flowers and attract everyone towards them. You can grow them in the containers or in the landscape; whatever place you choose, they look equally striking.

It is not just a suitable plant to grow in the home gardens, but you can also shift it in the pot and place it indoors. Its famous varieties to grow in summer for garden or shade areas are Heart to Heart, Tickle Me Pink, and Miss Muffet.

6.      Zinnia

Zinnia is one of the fast-growing plants that will take a few weeks to bloom in your garden and make your home garden look awesome.  It is cheap and has a stunning color that attracts everyone’s attention.

Not just humans, insects like butterflies also attract these flowers, which make your garden more charming. It is one of the most recommended flower plants for the home garden in the summer; it performs well in full sunshine. In the Hot zones, it is the best plant to grow that keeps blooming for the entire summer.

7.      Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower is a famous and fast-growing plant that attracts butterflies and birds to your garden. Its plant spreads easily, so plant them at some distance to give it enough space to spread. Its vibrant yellow color flowers look very charming.

You do not need too much maintenance; watering once a week is enough for this plant. It keeps its face toward the sun, and its growth also improves by contact with sunlight. It is also known as the beautiful wildflower for growing under shade, in home gardens, and even in landscape areas.

8.      Globe Amaranth

You will never find a better flower this summer than Glove Amaranth. Its red, purple, and white flowers grow well in the summer into late fall. It is the perfect plant to grow in various soils; you do not need fertilizers or water.

It has great resistance against hard seasons; plants look softer but have great strength to face drought. Its smaller flowers look very beautiful, and these are in trend to use in bouquets for wishing your dear ones on their special events.

9.      Begonia

Begonias come in various features that make them perfect for the summer season for your home garden. It is cheap and available in multiple colors, from hot pink to deep red and bright orange. Its variety of colors makes your home garden colorful.

These are perfect plants to grow in the summer under shades. You can also keep them indoors for small home gardens. They grow for their striking foliage. Its popular varieties for summer are Dragon Wing Red and Funky Pink.

Which type of flowers should you grow in your home garden in summer?

Everyone prefers the beauty of plants, but it is not just restricted to beauty. You need such plants with sweet fragrance, low maintenance, long lifespan, capacity to face drought, and hard plants in the summer.


It looks very beautiful when you have gorgeous flowers in your garden. They make your garden’s beauty double. But only a few flowers can grow in the summer in your home garden. We have provided you with the 9 best flower varieties to grow to make your home garden look nice this summer.

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