The Symbolism Behind Tulips flowers

tulips flower

The Tulips flower is the most beautiful flower that is famous because of its brightest colors and beautiful shape. It shows a deep love for siblings, parents, kids, and partners on different occasions.

It comes in several colors that represent different symbolism. This feature makes it one of the most recommended flowers suitable to wish anyone on any occasion.

But what symbolism is behind the tulips flower? Stay here to learn about different symbolism for different colors of tulips.

Symbolism behind tulips

Like all other beautiful flowers, tulips also have meaning attached to them. One of the most famous beliefs about the tulips is that they represent deep and perfect love.

They bloom early before all other flowers during the spring season. So, some people also say that it represents the symbol of afresh and rebirth. It is a trend to represent tulips flowers when someone joins a new job or moves into a new home etc.

Another belief about the tulips flower is that in the past, Victorian’s associated tulips with a sense of working together and charity.

What are symbols for different colors of tulips?

Tulips are also famous because it has more colors than any other flowers. These different colors not only make your decorations more charming. But they also express different meanings. Which tulip color represents what? Below is the detail of symbolism for each color of tulip.

Yellow Tulips symbolism

Yellow-colored tulips are used to decorate the places and bouquets to celebrate the happiest moments. Happiness, hope, and cheerfulness are some major symbols attached to its yellow color.

In the past, Victorians had a belief that yellow tulips meant “there is sunshine in your smiles.” So, tulips are used as gifts because they bring smiles to their faces when they represent someone.

Not just in bouquets or decorations, even when you have yellow tulips in the home garden, they symbolize prosperity and good luck to your home.

Purple Tulip Symbolism

Purple is a royal color, and purple tulips express royalty. They are in trend to use for the bride’s bouquets to wish them on their big day. They also make their dresses more charming.

When we look back to purple color history, we find purple was an expensive color. So, only the rich people could afford the purple color. So some people also attached purple tulips with refinement and elegance. When you want to admire someone for their poise and elegance, wish them with purple tulips.

Another belief that the purple color was used for elegance and refinement is that Queen Elizabeth banned this color and announced it as only for their family members. The reason was that it is fabulous, stunning, and expensive, so only royal families could afford it.

White Tulip Symbolism

White color is used as a symbol of holiness, deep sympathy, innocence, and many other meanings. Like the white color, white tulips also have different meanings. Their use depends on the occasion and circumstances.

Some people use the white tulips to say sorry to their loved ones. When they feel guilty, they give white flowers to their loved ones to tell them, “I am sorry.”

Not only for the guilty white flowers are also used to say sorry as a symbol of condolence.  They are widely used to express condolence when someone has lost a family member or other loving relation. In funeral events, white tulips are widely used.

White tulips are also trendy for baptisms, holy communions, and wedding arrangements.  Purity and honor are also symbols attached to white flowers. But in religious events such as mitzvah, communion, baptisms, etc, white tulip flowers decorations are typical.

Red Tulip Symbolism

Like other red flowers such as roses, red tulips also express love, romance, and lust for someone. They are perfect for giving your girlfriend or wife on your date or special night.

These tulips also represent true love and deep emotions for someone. Give red tulips to someone whom you love and have a lust for but cannot express by words. Red tulips are also used by the new couple or someone who wants to purpose someone.  It gives the sense that they will live together forever.

Pink Tulip Symbolism

Pink tulips are used to express care, love, and good wishes. They represent a deep love but not lust or romance. So, pink tulips are perfect for wishing your friends and family members their birthday or any other special event.

You have many other options to give pink tulips, such as on mother’s day, father’s day. Wish your Siblings and friends when they get a new job or achieve something unique.

Orange Tulips Symbolism

Orange is the most famous and charming color of the tulip flower, with many meanings attached to it. It is used by the partners to give a sense of appreciation and understanding in a relationship.

Presenting orange tulips means you feel you are connected with them physically and spiritually. It shows the hidden love and affection used by the couples.

But some other meanings attached to orange tulips can be excitement, happiness, special bonds, passion, love, success, good luck, and fertility.

Black Tulip Symbolism

Black tulip is a rare color of tulips, and you may rarely find this color in the home gardens. It symbolizes power and strength. Some people attach the black tulip with elegance and royalty.

Pure black tulips are hard to find, so they are used to express to someone that they are rare and valuable to us. You can give your close family members, favorite friend, and girlfriend black tulips to express their importance.

Generally, the black tulip is available in purple, pink, or deep red shades, which look like pure black.


Tulips are a beautiful flower that is available in different color shade. Tulips have special symbolism attached to each color. It represents love, emotions, sympathy, crush, romance, sorry, care, good luck, and many other feelings.

It is trendy to decorate the places and use tulips in the Bouquet at different events. We have also explained to you its various colors and the symbolism attached to those colors. It will help you decide which tulip color suits you to wish someone on a specific occasion.

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