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It is trendy to give flower bouquets on different occasions. But wishing with flowers is not enough. You not only need to choose the best flowers but also the best kind of bouquet.

We are not talking about the types of flowers; We mean the kinds of bouquets. Here, We will share the most popular types of bouquets for different occasions. Stay here to learn about the types of bouquets.

What are popular types of flower bouquets?

European hand-tied

You can hold the spiral bouquet by its stems. The most common bouquet presents at wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. When you need the most straightforward DIY-styled bouquet, you will not find a better option than hand-tied.

You can prepare it with snips, filler, flowers, or something to secure the stems like ribbon or twine.  It is simplest than other styles of bouquets. European spiral bouquet includes a wide assortment of flowers and greenery. You can use freshly picked flowers, which is ideal for rustic, bohemian styles.

Cascade Bouquet

Cascade bouquets arrange flowers in a downward motion with some curls upward. These bouquets are also known as pageant bouquets or presentation bouquets.

It is trendy to use at weddings in bridal hands. The bride arranges the flowers to cascade from her hand and create a natural effect.

Flowers taper from top to bottom to look like a waterfall. It gives a lush and romantic look that works incredibly at the wedding.

Cascade bouquet in bridal hands gives a nice look if you keep wedding dresses simple. Do not use excessive or massive accessories on the wedding day.

Round Bouquet

Round shaped bouquet is the most recommended bouquet for the welcome and wishing of the brides. It is elegant and in traditional shape but yet very simple. You have the option to design it tightly clustered for high density, or if you want an airy feel, keep it loose.

The amazing thing about round-shaped bouquets is that it looks stunning with every dress. You have the options to add different types of flowers to make them a favorite. They are also inexpensive and available in various sizes.

Round bouquets are formed into a nice dome and used for a single type of flower. Monochrome round bouquets are trendy for the bridals at weddings. You can also make round bouquets in a couple of minutes. It is a compact cluster of flowers that are combined together by the ribbon.

Pageant Bouquets

Active voice: Sometimes we call these bouquets arm sheath bouquets. With their long stems, we can cradle the flowers and foliage in our arms.This type of bouquet is easy to mold in desired styles.

It can be an attractive alternative to modern wedding bouquets.Long-stemmed roses, orchids, gladiolus, larkspur, and calla lilies are popular choices for pageant Bouquets. Pageant bouquets are excellent for tall women.

Such bouquets are trendy for dates and weddings. You can use mixes or one type of flowers according to the events to make them perfect for that occasion.

Posy Bouquet

Posy bouquet is between the hand-tied and round bouquets. They are typically round and small that are easy to carry. You can use any variety of flowers in a posy style bouquet. You can make a posy bouquet versatile and unique by adding different colorful flowers.

It is a classic and most recommended bouquet for brides.Active voice: You can easily use these round-shaped bouquets, wrapped with ribbons, in all wedding events in just a few minutes.

Nosegay Bouquet

Nosegay bouquet is green bouquets that are almost similar to posy bouquets. The major difference between posy and Nosegay bouquets is the greenery. In Posy bouquet, we prefer the use of flowers, while in Nosegay, greenery is preferred.

Popular flowers in Nosegay bouquets are orchids, baby’s breath, roses, and calla lilies. Due to its small and unique style, it is recommended for a bridesmaid. A nosegay bouquet is an excellent option for the throw bouquet.

In the Nosegay bouquet, stems are wrapped tightly to make them a compactly clustered bouquet.  You can also use such bouquets for birthdays or wedding anniversaries for your girlfriend.

Pomander Bouquet

The pomander bouquet is the most versatile round sphere of flowers. A unique style bouquet with ribbon handles at the top to carry it or display. You have wide options of flowers to use in a pomander bouquet.

You can use different flowers, but all the flowers are the same size and look fantastic. Using the same touch and size flowers is trendy to give it a stunning look. You have the opportunity to display the inexpensive flowers but in an exciting way.

Pomander bouquet is recommended for all types of events like weddings, dates, or anniversaries for the girls. The short and smart girls are the best bouquets to carry because they are small and lightweight.

Ballerina Bouquet

Ballerina is the most versatile bouquet that became popular during WWII because of fresh floral scarcity. They are in tradition used in dance parties. Fans and dancing partners use these bouquets to show their love for their favorite ones.

Girls usually take a single flower from the bouquet and then kiss it. After kissing, they pass it to her male dancer as a sign of praise or thanks.

Roses and Viscaria flowers are popular choices for the Ballerina bouquet, as different types of flowers can be used. It is also trendy at Christmas family or friends parties where they celebrate by dancing.


Flowers are one of the most beautiful species in the world and are our companions in all events. But they become more special when presented in different styles.

For flower presentations, bouquets are the best option to wish anyone their happy moments. There are many types of flowers bouquet, but we have provided you with 8 famous flowers bouquet types that will be great for flowers presentation.

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