Importance of Customer reviews for a florist

Importance of Customer reviews for a florist


Customer reviews for online flower portals are very important. One of the important things that increase the web presence of a website online is reviews and testimonials. Reviews can be given on various platforms including google business, Facebook business page. Reviews are also given on the products page of every online consumer website.


An online flower portal can also receive reviews on various e-commerce portals. If it decides to enlist itself in its marketplace, reviews can be given there as well. Amazon, eBay are some of the prominent online marketplaces.

Reviews can be either paid or organic. There are lots of times when a customer gives a good or a poor review according to his experiences with the product and there are many times when a lot of digital marketing agencies go in for paid reviews. So what can customer reviews do for say an online flower portal?

Choice Flower Customer Google Review

Reviews can either make or break the portal. A good review can get in more customers and at the same time get the existing customers to repeat itself. Positive feedback will encourage the flower portal to diversify its range and good customer reviews can act as indicators on how to proceed further. A genuine negative review will direct the online flower portal to change its strategy and rethink on its various parameters be it pricing or flower arrangement or the variety of flowers offered. A lot of digital marketing strategy can be formulated wholly around just the kind of reviews it can get.

So all this was about the Importance of reviews and testimonials for online flower portals. Please do leave your valuable suggestions, feedback, reviews and remarks so that we at can strive to provide quality service and improve ourself regularly as we have been doing so far.

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  • Pankaj Reply

    Yes absolutely true. I always read comments before buying flowers online. Would it be freshly delivered or not is a big concern for me? Twice I bought from you by reading your reviews online and the flowers were really good.

    August 22, 2022 at 1:03 am

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