Fleurs de Choix- The Premium Segment of Choice Flowers

Fleurs de Choix- The Premium Segment of Choice Flowers

Choice Flowers, a premier flower shop in Abu Dhabi, serves a diverse clientele of 20,000 customers in UAE, including Indians and expats. With a unique offline and online presence, its wide variety of flowers and combinations cater to the vibrant population of Abu Dhabi.

The combinations are updated accordingly for the various occasions and festivals celebrated in Abu Dhabi.Some festivals and occasions are common throughout the world. Worldwide, people celebrate various occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Ramadan, Christmas, and Hanukkah. Tailored flower arrangements cater to each customer’s preferences.

Apart from its offline branches it also has a very happening online store with customers who return regularly. The pricing is kept reasonable and the good quality brings back customers again and again. There are different pricing for different flowers depending on the packaging and the flower arrangement the combinations and a whole variety of factors be it seasonal type of customers, occasions, and festivals.

So now we come to the premium segment of choice flowers. Choice flowers have a premium segment known as Fleurs de Choix which showcases the best we have to offer. The premium segment does not necessarily mean all are priced in the higher range. It contains flowers in all price ranges and caters to all segments of audiences. Be it locals or ex-pats or just Indians settled in Abu Dhabi there is something for everyone. Because it’s a premium segment everyone assumes it’s for the elite.

The pricing is suitable for everyone ranging from as low as 50$ up to 210 $. The various flowers used are roses, Lillies, Chrysanthemum, Ozothammus, Lisianthus, and Eucalyptus. They are used in different combinations of sizes, shapes, and arrangements. Premium segment flowers offer top quality and superior arrangements perfect for all occasions, especially ideal for upcoming Valentine’s Day.

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