Best Birthday Gifts in the Month of February

Best Birthday Gifts in the Month of February

So in this age of fast cars, the diamond studs, the palatial mansions, and fancy diners at a high-end restaurant the oft-asked question is what value would a bunch of flowers have? Flowers have stood the test of time. Flowers have been there for a very very long time and it’s a surety that however much mankind might evolve the humble and the ubiquitous flowers and more importantly, the roses will always stand the test of time. However expensive your gift be it cars or the palatial mansions it is the humble rose bouquet that rounds it off. An expensive palatial mansion is incomplete without its flower decorations and gardens around the house. So the romantic candlelight dinner in a fancy high-end restaurant is incomplete without the chrysanthemums and Lillies. Flowers can never get out of style.

So this month we will be talking about the various flowers for each month and what Choice Flowers have to offer for the occasion of birthday. So let’s have a look at the various flowers and the month to which they belong.

January – Carnation Snowdrop
February – Violet Primrose
March – Daffodil
April – Daisy Sweet Pea
May – Lily of the value, Hawthorn
June – Rose Honeysuckle
July – Larkspur Water Lily
August – Gladiolus Poppy
September – Aster Morning Glory
October – Marigold Cosmos
November – Chrysanthemum
December- Narcissus Holly

So the above are the various birthday flowers for the various months. In the month of February, we have the flower of violet primrose which is as mentioned above represents modesty, faithfulness,, and young love.

In this article, we will be reviewing our pick of seven flowers and their arrangements which would be best suited for gifting on birthdays. The seven types of flowers and their arrangements are as follows:

Regular Segment

1) Birthday Fresh
2) Birthday Wishes
3) Birthday flower
4) Blue Birthday Wish


5) Big Red Rose
6) Mixed yellow and red Roses
7) Luxurious Delight

As we can see four are from the Regular Segment and three are from the Premium Segment.

1) Birthday Fresh: Birthday flowers are not meant only the special woman in your life. It can be anyone in your life from a colleague who works with you or say someone in your family or your relatives. It could be anyone who says just a stranger walking on the road. Allure Lily Bouquet is an assorted flower of Lillies with a combination of Lillies and fillers and green leaves. It is handpicked by our florist and has an amazing wrapping for a smooth finish

2) Birthday Wishes: In our previous article have done a lot about roses and their significance. So this time we have decided on other flowers along with roses. Birthday wishes contain an assorted collection of flowers including white Gerbera, Peach Roses, orange Lillies, and button Chrysanthemums with lush greens. So a different range of flowers altogether to gift to your near and dear ones. Different from other wrappings and presented in a glass vase with stems of equal size. Present in three variants of Shown, Deluxe, and Premium with prices starting at 97 USD a full value for money.

3) Birthday Special: A different arrangement of flowers with Dendrobium Orchids, Monstera Leaves, and grass. So as mentioned in the description Orchids improve air quality. It also has monster leaves and grass, again a different combination from the usual roses. It comes with a glass vase in three variants shown, deluxe and premium with prices starting at 65 USD. A good recommendation for giving birthday wishes in this lover’s month of Valentine’s.

4) Blue Birthday Wishes: A different combination of flowers including Yellow Rose, Asiatic Lilly, Gerbera, and Irish along with Blue Wrapping. A lot of other beautiful flowers are used in a very colorful combination. It is wrapped in a blue basket and comes in three variants Shown, Deluxe and Premium with prices starting at 78 USD. A good recommendation for gifting birthday wishes.

In the premium segment, we have recommended the past Crazily Love and Garden of Grandeur. They are priced a bit expensively compared to the other flowers and have been reviewed before. So the uniqueness of these two flower combinations is the wrappings in sleek vases along with different combinations of chocolates and flowers. For example, the garden of grandeur has a unique flower combination of Lilly, Light Pink Roses, Chrysanthemum, Lisianthus, and Eucalyptus. This was about combinations and in terms of grandeur, we have the Big Red Rose which is about a meter length in height and one of the tallest bunch of roses and priced a trifle higher at 405 USD. So grand in terms of price and size. The above flowers from the premium segment are one of the best recommendations for gifting on the occasion of birthdays to your near and dear ones.

So this was all about our picks for gifting on the occasion of birthdays for your near and dear ones. So do make the birthday occasion of your near and dear ones an enjoyable one and don’t forget to put in a review and a testimonial about our contribution.

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