Popular Flowers in Abu Dhabi on Winter Season

Popular Flowers in Abu Dhabi on Winter Season

Winter Flower Garden

Currently, it is the best time of the year in Abu Dhabi. The winter season in Abu Dhabi runs from October to March and is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi. The average temperature during this time is about 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers in Abu Dhabi can be quite harsh and technically winters are the best time to grow flowers in Abu Dhabi. Winters in Abu Dhabi are known as the gardening season of Abu Dhabi for the florists. One can see a variety of flowers in full bloom during this time. The air is enveloped with the fragrance of phlox and alyssums with a riot of slowers of petunias and geraniums and the various bunches of roses in full bloom. During winters Marigolds to the poppies, the snapdragons and the begonias are in full bloom.

So let’s give a brief overview of how to grow and maintain these flowers. The flowers can be used growing red soil and fertilizers. The summer plants can be put in the containers after cleaning them thoroughly. The seeds after being planted must be watered regularly and should be given the proper nourishment from time to time. So let’s review a few of the plants that can be grown during winter. We shall be reviewing Marigolds, the snapdragons, the begonias, and the roses.

Yellow Marigold Abu Dhabi

Marigolds are tall, erect-growing plants that grow up to three feet in height. They are about 5 inches to 18 inches high. They come in shades of red, saffron and yellow. You can germinate them anywhere be it indoors or outdoors. The watering has to be done at the base of the plant. The soil must be allowed to dry during waterings. They do not face too many pest problems but must have the regular application of insecticidal soap. Marigolds are one of the winter plants in Abu Dhabi.

Choice flowers have a lot of rose collection, We will be reviewing the quaint rose collection. There is nothing about roses that are not known. Its an all-weather friend and can be given on all occasions be it anniversaries or birthdays to anyone be it your friend, your relations, your lover or just the stranger on the road!! They come in various wrappings, hues and colours and shapes, and sizes suitable for every occasion. They are also generally arranged in different ways to suit the needs of the consumer.

Petunias are also ideal to be grown in winter. It is generally grown throughout the year and is found in a lot of beds in every boulevard of Abu Dhabi. They come in wide varieties of shapes and sizes. They come in colours of white, red, salmon, lavender and yellow. An entire article can be written on it. Not going too much in-depth on it. So another winter flower.

Similarly, there are different varieties of begonias, lovely dragon-wing begonias, trailing begonias and so forth. Snapdragons are also found in abundance in Abu Dhabi. They come in shades of pastel and brights with colours of red, orange, peach, purple and violet.

So these are some of the popular flowers grown mostly in winters.

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