How do we write FAQs for online flower portals??

How do we write FAQs for online flower portals??

FAQ Flower Shops

FAQs or frequently asked questions is a webpage on the website which provides the customers or the would-be customer’s complete information about the website. It removes a lot of doubts and confusion from the mind of potential customers or the would-be customer. A good FAQ can convert a would-be customer to a confirmed customer and from a confirmed customer to a repeat customer. A good FAQ page must raise all those questions that may arise in the mind of a visitor and must elicit a response that may clear all the doubts.

The doubts may be anything from the information of the product, the structure of the website, to the discounts that the website provides, information on how to use the coupon codes, to information on how to use the payment gateway. Regarding the payment gateway must provide information about the types of cards, be it Master, AMEX, Visa, debit or credit card. Apart from that, it should provide information about the refund policies too. A good FAQ facilitates smooth navigation of the website. It should contain informative links and must not be too long.

Another thing that is noticed is that usually, the attention span of a customer visiting the website is low. So not only must the FAQ hold the attention of the visitor but also should be convincing enough to convert the visitor into a customer. These are some of the features and characteristics of a good FAQ. They differ from company to company and business to business. We will look into what goes into making a good FAQ for online flower portals.

So a FAQ of a flower shop could provide information about its offline shops to start with, providing more choices and alternatives. Flowers are a perishable commodity. More information could be provided about the shelf life of a flower. Brief information could be provided on various occasions in which the flowers could be purchased. For example anniversaries and birthdays. Mother day, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan, Christmas, etc. Information on how to preserve the flowers for longer times could be provided. Information on same day deliveries could be emphasized.

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