Various Flower Trade Fairs in UAE

Various Flower Trade Fairs in UAE

Flower Trade fairs UAE

For trade to flourish normally business houses conduct trade fairs and exhibitions. So today we are going to review a few trade fairs in the middle east. Choice Flowers is mainly based in Abu Dhabi. So; let’s review a few flower shows based in the middle east particularly UAE which attracts a lot of international flower houses. One of the more prominent ones in Miracle Garden. It is a flower festival expo based in Dubai.

It starts from mid-November and cultivates around mid-march. One of the most beautiful flower exhibitions in the world spans an area of 72000 sqm full space. It was launched on Valentine’s day in the year of 2013 and set in the heart of Dubai. Nov-Mar being the winter season in UAE is the best time to visit UAE and this flower expo is one of the topmost in the agenda of many business houses in this industry.

The garden houses around 150m plants and in myriad hues, shapes, and sizes. Each year there is a different concept and is one of the biggest international expos in the whole of UAE.

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PM Dubai: IPM is another important expo in Dubai which is a must-visit for every businessman in his calendar. It normally occurs in Nov and covers the whole gamut of the flower business. It has peers, suppliers clients and even competitors from every walk of the horticultural industry.

The third big exhibition related to the flower industry is the Bahrain International Garden Show. It has 42000 visitors in 2017 and an excellent means of establishing new partners and contacts.

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