Language of Flowers and their Meaning

Language of Flowers and their Meaning

Flowers and their Meanings

From time immemorial flowers have had their language. Meaning they represent something and the arrangement of these flowers in a certain way signifies the message you want to convey. For eg, the colour of a flower has something to say, the type of flower has something to say. Its a mixture of coded and sign language.

Bunch of red roses

Daffodil represents Unequalled love. It represents the sun is always shining, daisy is a representative of loyalty. So there are 130 and more varieties of flowers that represent something or the other. They represent different emotions. For example, each flower of Chrysanthemum is meant to represent something different. Red Chrysanthemum represents I Love You. White represents Truth. In a similar manner, the orange lily symbolizes hatred, while violet signifies modesty. In many parts of Europe, Chrysanthemums are placed on graves to symbolize death, representing even the act of death itself.

Blooming flowers

These days there are many other alternative ways to express your emotions. Back in the olden days, there was a very regressive atmosphere and so as some sort of escape flowers were used as a symbol to convey your emotions.

Various flowers

These days there are many other alternative ways to express your emotions.In the olden days, people used flowers as a symbol to convey their emotions due to the regressive atmosphere.

Many theories abound regarding the language of flowers. Some say it has its origins in Turkey around the 17th century. There are many legends surrounding floriography and not going too deep into it. Legend has it that Cleopatra’s encounter took place with Anthony on top of a carpet of roses. In Greece Roses are used to worship the God..So this was all about flowers, their symbology, and its usage on day to day basis.

Numerous books have been written about the topic in the past, and many more are currently being written.

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