Flowers you can send on Emirati Women’s Day

emirati women's day flowers

Women in UAE play a significant role in the society. Unlike other women in Arab culture, Emirati women are excelling in various fields. They have contributed to science, arts, politics, and business and become essential to the UAE’s progress.

In pursuance of such a great role, UAE celebrates Emirati Women’s Day on August 28th each year. On that day, UAE honors the women for their strength, gesture, and resilience to achieve goals. People in UAE honor them differently; among some of the best ways, sending her a flower bouquet speaks more than everything.

But what flowers can you send on Emirati Women’s Day? Stay here; I will show you the best flowers to make her day more special. Let’s explore.

What flowers for her on Emirati Women’s Day?

You may have many flowers in your mind, but here I have listed a few beautiful flowers that may assist you in expressing your feelings for her on that special day.

1.     DIVA- Purity and Elegance

DIVA is one of the most attractive flowers famous for its aesthetic appeal. Its symbolism, purity, and elegance make it a perfect flower for appreciating someone. You can appreciate an Emirati woman on her day to honor her.

It is a good idea to send a bouquet of DIVA to convey a message of sophistication, impeccable standards, and admiration for an Emirati woman.

2.     Orchids: Elegance and Sophistication

Another flower that I suggest to you on Emirati Women’s Day is Orchids. It has sophistication and elegance symbols that help you honor an Emirati woman’s accomplishment.

Emirati women have grace and refined demeanor in every walk of life, so these flowers are perfect to honor them. Another thing that makes them excellent is that they have multiple colors that let you choose a different color to convey a different message. You can choose either of the colors depending on your relation to a woman in UAE.

3.     Empress: Luxury and Beauty

Uh! Are you in a relationship with a brilliant UAE woman with many achievements in her field? Empress is one of the best flowers for you to choose from to express luxury and beauty for a woman.

You can use these flowers to honor an ambitious and ingenious woman for her accomplishments in technology, business, or other walks of life. It’s beautiful palette and stunning appearance will make her day. It will convey to her a message about what respect and honor you have for her.

4.     Peonies: Honor and Prosperity

Peonies are small, beautiful, vibrant flowers for wealth, honor, and prosperity. These are the first choice to express true appreciation for someone on success or achievements. Peonies may convey a message of good fortune and prosperity to Emirati women on their special day.

The lush and full bloom of Peonies is a visual metaphor for fulfillment, mirroring, and abundance of the high contributions of Emirati women in the country’s progress. Whatever your women’s profession, peonies will show her your respect and honor for her to flourish in her contribution and achievements.

5.     Fluffy Verena Pink: Honor and Prosperity

Another flower that may be perfect for you to send her on Emirati Women’s Day is Fluffly Verena Pink if your woman loves pink color. It is an ideal flower to honor a woman for the abundant achievements she realized through hard work.

This flower reflects an Emirati woman’s prosperity, honor, and sheer talent in several fields. You can order a bouquet of Fluffy Verana Pink to make her surprise and happy on her day in UAE.

6.     Delphiniums: Determination and Aspiration

Delphiniums, with their bold colors and stunning appearance, can be an excellent choice to express true appreciation to someone for reaching one’s goals and determination for these goals. It can represent the hard work, boldness, and aspiration that characterize Emirati women’s success stories.

You can add the Delphiniums in your floral arrangements to show a feel for the aspiration and determination of a woman. On the other hand, its rich hues convey a message of energy and passion for a woman for her goals. It makes it easy for you to express your emotional thoughts for a woman that has high aims and do fearless efforts to reach her targets in life.

7.     Deep Purple Hydrangea- Understanding and Gratitude

The next flower that I choose for an Emirati woman, Emirati Women’s Day, is the Hydrangea. Its meanings are for gratitude and understanding. If you have gratitude for your girl and express her that you understand her well, Deep Purple Hydrangea can help you.

Order a bouquet of Deep Purple Hydrangea, or add this flower in your floral arrangements to show her what you want to say. You can say thanks for her contributions to your success and the success of society.

8.     Roses: Appreciation and Love

How can we ignore the perfect flower in the world,” the ROSES”? Roses are supposed to be the flowers of romance that are in trend to send her to special events. So, expressing your feelings, deep love, and romance for an Emirati woman on Emirati Women’s Day can be a good idea.

You have many flower colors to send to her to show your deep emotions. You can choose from red or black roses for your wife or girlfriend. However, if you are just in friendship, you can give her pink or white roses to say her thanks for being part of society. You can add the roses to your flower arrangement or send the bouquet to say what you want. Choose the color depending on your relationship with a woman.


Flowers are always with us to ask much more than what we say. Whatever the occasion, they are with us to express our feelings for others. Like other occasions, Emirati Women’s Day can be celebrated with flowers. You can send a bouquet of different flowers or add them to your arrangements to express respect and honor for an Emirati woman’s contribution to society.

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