Feeling Romantic? 8 Stunning Flowers to Say ‘I Love You

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The best feeling anyone can have in life is loving someone. Every one of us experiences love and romance for someone. But true love is always a difficult feeling to express to anyone. Most of us feel too shy to say straightly, I love you. Thanks to flowers, they are our best friends that help us to convey our message to those we have love and romance. But what are the best flowers that can help you to say I love you? Stay here; we will show you the 8 best flowers to say I love you to someone.

What flowers to say I love you?

1.      Red Roses

Red roses are one of the first flowers that come in everyone’s mind when expressing love and romance for someone. It is not in nowadays, there is a long history behind the red roses. They are used in different cultures and traditions to express love and romance. In Greek history, it is believed that the goddess of love creates roses, while in many other traditions, new, married couples wore the rose’s crowns, and their beds also decorated with fresh red rose petals. So, because of such tremendous meanings for romance and their use in different cultures and traditions, we cannot ignore the red roses when we want to propose to someone. It is one of the most recommended flowers to say “ I love you”.

2.      Tulips

Uh! Are you looking for some unique flowers that have no match in beauty and also present your love and romance to the person you love? Do not go for flowers other than the Tulips; a red tulip flowers bouquet will be perfect for you to say I love you and show your romance. Its hot red color is a symbol of hot love and romance. The tulip flower has a meaning of love and used in the Persian era; their legend of star-crossed lovers use Tulips. When the Persian princess fell in low with a stonecutter, and family was against it. The princess and stonecutter gave their lives; when their drops fell to the ground, the red tulips grew here. So they have meanings for love and express that we will be together forever.

3.      Calla lilies

Calla Lilies can be an excellent option for you to propose to someone. Their names come from the Greek meaning “ beauty,” and these stunning flowers are perfect for expressing beauty and love. It has different varieties that can perfectly express your feelings, but the Cherry Kiss Calla lilies are one of the best varieties that should be chosen to send a gorgeous bouquet to someone while proposing. But it is not limited to Calla lilies; you also have other options such as pink calla lilies, that have meanings of appreciation and admiration. Such meaning makes the calla lilies good flowers to send on Valentine’s Day or on a happy celebration with a lover.

4.      Orchids

Orchids are also a trendy option to say “ I love you” to your girlfriend and express feelings of deep love and care. If your lover is a stylish person and likes charming things, then the Orchid flowers are an excellent option to convey a message of refinement and beauty. If you are looking for a girlfriend, pink Orchids are best; they symbolize femininity and show care. On the other hand, red Orchids are an excellent option to send to a boy for expressing passion, love, and appreciation. These flowers are associated with sexuality and can be perfect to show your romance and deep emotions.

5.      Lisianthus

Lisianthus are famous and stunning flowers that may help you to say “ I love you” to a girl. They look beautiful at first glance; everyone likes their shape and bloom. Its long stem has many flowers, so a quick burst of colors makes everyone happy when someone opens the bouquet. It is a perfect time to propose and express that I can make your life colorful like this beautiful bouquet. They are also used in arrangements of weddings or valentine celebrations.

6.      Gardenia

Gardenia is also famous for its meanings, such as symbolizing hope, trust, and success in a relationship. You can start your journey with someone by giving a bouquet of gardenia to say I want you to be in my life. It will assist you to say, I have secret feelings for you. Gardenia also has meanings for personal love; they are also a famous flower that is used in wedding arrangements.

7.      Camellia

Are you going to propose to a girl but do not know how to express your feelings? Do not go for other options than Camellia. Its white variety has meaning for care and adoration to show a girl your feelings of care and love. On the other hand, its pink variety is used to express feelings for a lasting relationship; you can say to a girl that you want a long-lasting relationship that ends with life. Here, the red Camellia is a perfect option to express passion, desire, and romance for a girl. You can show that your heart burns for her.

8.      Carnations

Here is our final selection that may be a perfect flower to show your romance and propose to someone. Carnations are famous for their meanings of romance and passion for someone. Its beautiful colors and petals make everyone happy. You can present a bouquet of carnations to your girl or boy to say you are essential to me, and I have special feelings for you. Its bright colors look very charming and attractive to show romantic feelings.


Flowers are one of the easiest ways to express complex feelings and emotions. When proposing someone, it needs confidence and courage, but most of us fail to maintain it. But thanks to beautiful flowers that solve our issue. We have suggested 8 stunning flowers that perfectly express your message to say “ I love you” and romance for someone. Pick any of your favorites to start a new journey with someone you love more than your life.

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