The most suitable flowers to express condolence and sympathy

Flowers are always with us and are the easiest way to express our emotions to others. They are trendy to send on happy moments but also excellent options to express condolence and sympathy. There are so many flowers to send for condolence or sympathy, but what are the most suitable flowers? Stay here; we will show you some of the best options that will perfectly deliver a message of condolence and sympathy.

What are the flowers for Condolence and sympathy?

Here is a list of great flower options to express sympathy and condolence.


Carnations are one of the most used flowers at funerals. They have an excellent scent and gorgeous petals that make them beautiful.

They come in various colors; however, you can use red or pink flowers for condolence.You use red flowers to express feelings of being with your family forever. While you use pink flowers at funerals.


Someone uses lilies as a common flower for funerals to show sympathy for bad events. Lilies are perfect for sending on a passed away loved one’s demise.

These flowers also have a history of using them at funerals. These flowers were said to cover the tomb of the Virgin Mary.The lilies also symbolize peaceful sleep and the return of innocence. Due to such meanings, they are a perfect option to send for condolence. You can order a bouquet of lilies to share the sorrows of a family.


Roses are a famous flower variety that are used on different occasions. Unfortunately, people have associated it with only happy or romantic moments, but not. You may not consider, but roses such as sorry roses can help you to express a touchy and sentimental feel to the funerals.

Their presence in a beautiful variety of hues and aromatic scents gives a natural feel and may convey a message to come good time. Roses can be a perfect flower to express sympathy. You can use the sorry roses to apologize to your loved ones.


Orchids are another best flower to send for condolence or sympathy. Flowers convey eternal love because they live longer than all others.. So, it can give a sense that your deceased loved ones’ memories will last forever.

Orchids are available in different colors that may confuse you. However, for condolence or sympathy, we suggest to use white and pink orchid. White or pink orchids convey a message of sympathy, remembrance, memories, and innocence. They are the best for sending on any loss to represent an eternal love and innocence.


Gladiolus is another popular flower used to send for sympathy or condolence. Its taller size and elegant shape express a feeling of sympathy. Its longer stem and sword-like leaves also symbolize integrity and strength. Its delicate bloom is a symbol of the fragility of life. You can find different colors of gladiolus flowers. But among the different colors, white, purple, pink, yellow, and red are the most common flowers for Condolence.

The flower has some association with gladiators in the ancient history of Romans. So, it can be a perfect option for sending the funeral of a person who lived his life like a gladiator.


The next flower in our list is tulips; they are not for condolence but only for sympathy. They hold the meaning of revival or renewal. Such a meaning makes them perfect flowers to send to someone who is recovering from trauma. These flowers are also considered encouraging for people who need a fresh start after a sad event.

So, tulips should be your first choice when picking someone up from a setback situation. A tulip bouquet will give them the courage to struggle and hope. You also have multiple colors to choose from. Red flowers are perfect for expressing love, while purple for loyalty, and yellow for a cheerful start.


Daffodils can be nice flower options for you to convey sympathy in a cheerful way. This flower is also a trend that you can send to the family of a martyr or other person who died for a cause. A person who lived a great life.

It conveys the message of cheerfulness instead of sorrow and asks the family to celebrate the great life of the deceased. It also gives a message of sympathy to the family that you should start your life, and it is a part of our life that people come and go.


A woman’s death is honored with the use of Hibiscus flowers, such as the loss of a mother or wife. These flowers are delicate and express beauty and femininity. You can send these flowers to a family who lost an important woman in their life.

These flowers are associated with cultures. You can honor a woman who loves culture and performs some great work in life with Hibiscus flowers on her death.A woman lost in Pacific regions such as Hawaii can mostly find these flowers growing there.


We live in a world where every occasion is celebrated to continue the life in struggles and challenges. Whatever the events, good or bad, we celebrate them. Flowers are the most suitable and popular way for anyone to express feelings of happiness, goodluck, romance, sorrow, and sympathy. When someone dies or experiences a trauma, we express sorrow and sympathy for them by giving them a bouquet of flowers. But while giving flowers for condolence or sympathy, you need to choose the flowers carefully. You may not consider it, but with a bit of research and understanding the meanings of flowers, you can choose the perfect flowers that have the meaning of condolence and sympathy

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