Plants you can keep in your home and their benefits

Everyone loves plants; they improve our mood and make us feel fresh when looking at them. It is trendy to grow plants in home gardens, and people also keep them inside rooms, bedrooms, or at different corners of buildings. Most of us just consider their beauty but do not consider their benefits. It can be a pleasant experience if you have a beautiful plant but with many health benefits. It may be tough to search for such plants, but no worries, here we will tell you about some of the best plants to keep at home and their benefits. Let’s explore.

Plants to keep at home and their Benefits Spider Plant

Spider plant is one of the smallest but has magical benefits for health. Its vibrant shape and leaves make it an excellent plant to grow healthy inside the home. It is a great plant that may assist in removing formaldehyde from the air in your house. The rubbish items such as particle board, plywood paneling, synthetic fabrics, waxed papers, facial tissues, and paper bags may increase formaldehyde in the air. The spider plant can help you to clean the air.

Overall, the plant is easy to grow; however, always take care and prevent it from placing it under direct sunlight. You can grow any type of soil and also do not need fertilizers or pest spray. You just need to give it water after 2 or 3 days. Only moist soil is enough to keep plants alive and thriving.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another common plant that is trendy to grow in homes worldwide. It is a favorite plant for everyone for many reasons. The first thing that makes it my favorite is its easy plantation. You can grow it in any soil, and it needs very little care and maintenance. Just sow a single plant, and you will have a big bunch in a few months. They grow very fast and don’t need fertilizers or much water. They can grow under or without sunlight, but in summer, you must place them under indirect sunlight.

Another thing that makes it best is its multiple health benefits.The gel-like material inside its leaves is used in various medicines. It treats burning skin and promotes poor hair growth. People found it effective for smoothening the skin.


Here is our another selection, the Lavender plant. It is a flowering plant that has a very beautiful aroma that gives a fresh feel. The plant has a beautiful shape and leaf color that makes it eye-catching and improves your home’s aesthetic appeal.People love to place lavender in their homes, particularly in the bedroom. Believed to help promote quick and comfortable sleep, this plant grows best in well-drained conditions. soil and needs a lot of sunlight, so try to place it under direct sunlight.

As discussed earlier, Lavender has a pleasant aroma, so it has many beneficial uses. Scents are used in spa products such as skincare creams, soaps, candles, bath salts, and other items.. Catching a whiff of lavender may also benefit you to relieve nervousness, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos, also named Epipremnum aureum or devil’s ivy. Its broad heart-shaped leaves make it one of the most beautiful plants to keep at home. If you are living in a humid area, then it is the best plant for you to keep inside. It is easy to care for and maintain. It does best in medium to high but indirect sunlight. It does not need too much water; you just give it water when the soil becomes dry. However, over time, you may need to remove its discolored leaves to keep it in a fresh look.

There are multiple benefits of this plant; it improves the mode and sleep quality if you have it in your environment. You can place it in the bedroom or guest room. The NASA study center confirmed that Golden Pothos are helping in removing the formaldehyde and TCE from our environment. It works well and might reduce 73% of benzene in the air we breathe. It even works when it does not have the foliage.

Bamboo palm

You may hear names such as Bamboo palm, reed palm, or parlor palm. It is a litle tall plant that can grow up to a height of six to seven feet in height; you can place it in a guest room, an office, or a meeting room. Its narrow, lance-shaped, beautiful, lance-shaped leaves look awesome in your building. The one thing that makes it a perfect plant is its easy growth. You can grow them under bright, indirect sunlight and need them once or twice in summer. But, avoiding standing water may damage the plant.

Bamboo palm comes with the properties of removing formaldehyde, toxic benzene, and TCE from the air. So, it may help to improve mode and sleep quality.

English Ivy

Our final selection is English Ivy, which can be an easy plant option to keep at home. Its beautiful leaves and healing properties may help you to have an easy rest. It is easy to grow in any environment and needs watering very often. But its leaves may have toxic properties, so avoid placing them in areas that are in easy access to your kids.

English Ivy has excellent medicinal properties that may help remove breathing difficulty at night. It purifies 94 percent of airborne molds and may ensure easier breathing all the time.

Keeping plants at home has many benefits. They improve our home look and also have different health benefits. You have many options to choose from beautiful plants that not only enhance home decor but also leave positive impacts on your health.

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